Want to sell your iPhone? Do All These Things Before Putting It for Sale?

At least once in a lifetime, there is a moment when an iPhone user thinks about selling their handset for whatever reason. Some people choose to sell their iPhones as the most effective way of getting cash to purchase for a more recent model. While some others prefer to sell their iPhones as the alternate way of discarding useless phones in an eco-friendly way to save the environment.

Though selling an iPhone is a perfect thing to do, it is quite important to perfectly prepare your handset for sale before presenting it on the market for sale. For instance, you can create back up, clear out your data, unpair your Apple watch, and deactivate your device from your network service provider. All these things will truly help you get a safe phone selling experience with ultimate peace of mind.

Hence, before explaining what should you do while ready to sell iPhone, you should understand how and where to sell your iPhone that you don’t want to use anymore.

Why Sell Your Old Unwanted iPhone?

The best reason is here: Many people think their old phones are virtually worthless after some years, so they trash them while upgrading them to the new ones. However, iPhone devices retain a portion of their value for many years after new models are released. So, it’s better to sell your old iPhone instead of dumping it into a trash tin. This great option truly helps you reduce landfill waste and make a nice down payment on your hottest iPhone device.

Where to Sell iPhone For Maximum Cash?

If you have planned to exchange your phone for cash then you need to know what your target market is. It is very important to get the right price for your handset. There are numerous ways through which mobile phones can be sold, providing varying degrees of ease, such as cash for gadget sites, eBay, and craigslist. In addition, mobile phone recycling firms provide online services for buying old, used, faulty, or even broken phones of all popular brands. They accept all older and newer models of iPhone and pay some great price for them.

To search for a top-paying recycler for selling your iPhone, it is advised you to approach a mobile phone recycling comparison website. Only a comparison site allows you have an idea how used iPhone is currently retailing by comparing the prices offered by top recycling companies on their sites. This will help you get a price that is maximum for your iPhone model.

So, be sure to look for a right phone recycling comparison website to get the handsome amount in return for your iPhone that you no longer use. Nevertheless, remember to do some important things with your iPhone before selling it.

What to Do with Your iPhone Before Selling It?

Though turning your iPhone into cash would be a great deal

  • Unpair Your Apple Watch

If you are planning on putting your iPhone for sale and your Apple watch is paired with it, then you should unpair it first. So that you can easily pair your watch with your new handset without any hassle. Follow the below-mentioned steps for disconnecting both devices:

  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Select the “My Watch” tab at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Choose the Apple Watch you want to unpair and tap “i” button.
  4. Tap “Unpair Apple Watch”.
  5. Tap Unpair [Watch name] to confirm.
  6. Enter your Apple ID password and turn off activation lock.
  • Turn Off “Find My iPhone”

If you are going to present your iPhone to a recycling company for sale, you should keep in mind that some of the recycling companies don’t accept your iPhone if “Find My iPhone” is not disabled. The reason is that if you sell your handset with the feature still turned on, the new owner won’t be able to use it because it needs your Apple ID and password to access your device.

  1. Go to Settings App.
  2. Select your name to open your account settings.
  3. Tap “iCloud.”
  4. Turn off “Find My iPhone” by entering your Apple ID Password.

Note: You can also remove your device by turning off iCloud completely on your iPhone. When you turn off iCloud, it will automatically disable all iCloud features on that device.

  • Sign out of iTunes/App Store

Though it is just a routine procedure, make sure you sign out of iTunes and App Store.

  1. Go Settings App.
  2. Scroll down and tap on iTunes & App Store.
  3. Tap on your Apple ID; Enter your Apple ID Password.
  4. Then tap on Sign Out.
  • Disable iMessage

Be sure to disable iMessage before selling your iPhone. It ensures that your contact number won’t accidentally get inbound.

  1. Open “Settings App”.
  2. Tap to “Messages”.
  3. Flip the switch for “iMessage” to OFF.

Note: If your next phone is not an Apple iPhone then you should deregister iMessage.

  • Back Up Your iPhone via iCloud

Though iTunes backups are safe, you should consider iCloud backup that will help you set up the new iPhone easily. When you restore from an iTunes backup, you need to be connected to the computer with the backup data. Hence, with iColud, you can try to restore your backup files anywhere.

  1. Open the Settings App.
  2. Tap on iCloud.
  3. Scroll down and choose the Storage & Backup.
  4. Be sure the switch for iCloud Backup is enabled.
  5. Next up and then tap Back up Now.
  • Erase All Content & Reset to Factory Defaults

After creating a data backup, all you need to do is to erase everything on your iPhone and reset it to factory default settings.

  1. Launch the Settings App.
  2. Tap “General.”
  3. Scroll down and Select “Reset.”
  4. Tap “Erase all Content and Settings.”
  • Remove the SIM Card / deactivate the iPhone

Don’t forget to remove your SIM Card or deactivate your device for the specific Network service provider! By doing this, you can make sure that your iPhone is disabled for making and receiving calls or transferring data. The process is quite simple but varies slightly depending on CDMA and GSM providers.

  1. For Sprint, Verizon, and CDMA, you have to make a phone call or go to their local store to request deactivation.
  2. T-Mobile, AT&T, and GSM carrier iPhones usually remove the SIM card from the phone and that’s enough to deactivate the device.
  • Unlock Your iPhone

Apple iPhones are worth a lot of money if they have been unlocked from their original carrier. An unlocked iPhone makes you able to use any of your preferred networks on your device without any boundary restrictions. So, if you want to grab a lot of money in exchange for your iPhone, you should unlock it. Each carrier has different terms and conditions for iPhone unlocking, so check your carrier to see what the unlocking policy is.

By doing all the above-mentioned things, you will definitely sell iPhone with confidence!