Tips to keep your appliances functional for a long time!

You need to take proper care of the appliances in the house if you want to increase their life. Bad habits can cost you thousands of dollars and you need to develop good habits to ensure the longevity of the appliances. Follow these simple tips to make sure that your appliances work for a long time.

Clean Up Stove Spills

The stove burner issues can be solved easily if they are regularly cleaned. You can use a toothbrush to clean spilled food from the ignition system. While you are on it, you should also make sure that the strike plate is properly adjusted on the burner

Electric Stove Burners Need Good Contact

Restart the burner if your electric stove is not working properly. If you feel that the burner is still not working, gently bend the burner prongs to make sure you get a tighter connection. Electric appliances are difficult to repair if you do not have necessary skillset and tools and this is where you might need the services of Pflugerville Appliance Repair companies.

Clean Refrigerator Coils

Coils should be the first thing that you inspect when you refrigerator has stopped working. You can easily get to the coils by removing the front grills of the refrigerator. You should use a soft brush to clean the coils or you can also use a vacuum to clean them. Cleaning the refrigerator coils will help you to save hundreds in terms of energy bills.

Recalibrate Your Oven Temperature Setting

You should recalibrate the temperature of your oven if the oven is not heating properly. The instructions to recalibrate the oven can be easily found in the user manual and you can also search them on the internet. For recalibrating the temperature, you will need a good quality thermometer. Place the thermometer in the middle of the oven and follow the procedure to adjust the temperature setting.

Keep the Dishwasher Clean

A food-filled filter in the dishwasher is to blame when your dishwasher stops cleaning the dishes. If the filter is clogged, the water cannot clean on the dishes in the top rack. The fix is very simple and will only take a couple of minutes. Simply pull the bottom rack and remove the filter form the dishwasher. After that, use a dry vacuum to clean the screen. Clean the water that you find near the float switch of the dishwasher.

Clean Fridge Gaskets

To increase the life of your refrigerator, you need to regularly clean the door gaskets. The sticky food like jams and syrups will glue to the gasket and decrease the efficiency of the refrigerator. Pulling hard on the door gasket can lead to more damages and cleaning it regularly will help you to save hundreds of dollars. You should clean the door gasket with hot water and a sponge and avoid using detergents.

Heat Up a Lukewarm Dryer

The most common issue that one faces with the dryer is related to the filter. Even if the dryer sheet looks clean, it might be clogged by the dryer sheets. You can test your filter by pouring hot water on it. A clogged filter reduces the airflow and shuts the dryer before the clothes are dry.