Things to Consider while Switching your Email Service Provider

The traditional marketing practices are making way for the new online techniques of marketing. The reason for this gradual change is based on the reality that most of the companies and organizations have reached a high-level of growth using online marketing. With the frequent change in the globalization concept, many companies have selected online marketing to expand their business.

To achieve the purpose of business promotion, companies are using the best email service provider that can handle the workload. The purpose of first-rate email service provider gives network based suggestion for marketing that helps to make business to an advanced level. The selection of the email service provider is imperative when if you want to increase your business. One small miscalculation in selecting the company can lead to huge loss.

Your e-mail marketing plan’s victory relied upon a number of issues like content, artwork, and targeting. If you are not achieving these targets, it’s time to change switch your email service provider in Salt Lake City UT.

Here are the factors you need to consider when you are planning to switch the email marketing service;


Verify the internet procedures

Before booking any service for your email, confirm that you get either dedicated or shared IPs from your new service provider. If your previous service has trouble supervising bounces and unsubscribes requirements then a shared internet protocol environment will suit your business better. When you choose dedicated IP environment, you are more inclined to block the messages if they are not getting enough exposure and end up in user’s unwanted email section. The selection of the internet procedures is based on the clients you are targeting and the niche you are working in. Internet procedures should be selected after properly researching the internet.


Verify that the methods are rationalized to reflect your business goals. If you haven’t use validation before the switch, work with your service provider to set it up. The verification process will help you to align the marketing campaign to attract more leads to the business. Whether you want to send cold emails or get efficient lead nurturing services, the verification process will help you select the company that will increase the number of clients and ultimately the profits.

Describe Reporting

To transfer your existing services to the new one, ensure that you realize how reporting statistics are assembled and any distinctions in the service you are moving to. Open rates are often calculated from the whole number of users sent and sometimes from the number of users missing after bounces are eliminated. The reporting standards can help you to gauge the emails sent and how many conversions you have got in the past week

Determine Standards

When you have decided to switch to your new email service provider, forget your previous reporting data. To evaluate flawlessly, record the genuine numbers rather than the service provider percentage. This will help you analyze the latest services and adjust your program according to requirements.

Revise your content

Before moving to the new email service provider, ensure the purpose updated by members still exist. Furthermore, if your senders’ ids have changed, do not delay to renew the address-book with the latest address. The updated ID’s will help you to explore the untapped market and get you the much-needed leads to give boost your business.

Gradually work up e-mail

This is mainly significant if your bounce or allowance was low or you have not emailed your lists in over three months. Strive your first send above the track of a few days to a week or more and split the list up into portions. Gradually working on your e-mail list will help you set the achievable goals and get your business running.

Check before moving live

When all your things are set, take a run test of all your marketing interactions for small business email marketing in Salt Lake City UT via new program before driving your first advertising campaign email newsletter and sales promotions to observe how graphics and functionality differ and uncover any problem. The test run will help you to identify the issues in your marketing campaign and help you refine the process gradually.

Finest practice sessions

Reliable email service provider offers finest practice training sessions, tutorials, and seminars. These practice sessions will help you to boost your deliver-ability rate and expand results from your email program.

See If you can easily export data

Your old data is crucial for your business and leads and this is where switching to the new email service provider is difficult. You need to make sure that you easily export data to the new service provider. There are some email service providers that let you export the data using simple .csv or.xls format and you can easily benchmark your old data and match results of your future campaigns.

Make sure user’s preference remain consistent

To ensure a high result from the new email service, you need to make sure that you employ the same user’s preference. This will help in comparing both services and you will know whether the shift is worth it or not. There are some email-marketing companies that offer same user preference options such as opt-out and data preference.

Maintain Old Contacts

The switch of e-mail marketing is worth it if you easily import the old contacts and data. You may think that you can easily compile data when you select the new email-marketing company but having the old contact can deem useful in the long run. There are different e-mail continuity programs that help you redirect emails using DNS settings. This ensures a safe transition to the new service provider if you are facing problems with the old one.

Update Your Customers Regarding the change

When you are planning to change the service provider, make sure you give a heads up to your clients as well. If you do not update the customers regarding the change, your emails may end up in spam and you will not get the boost you are looking for and all your efforts will go to waste. You also need to look out for the broken links when you are changing the e-mail service provider. Make necessary amends in the broken links to get the required results you aim for.

If your email service provider is trustworthy and hard-working, these instructions should confirm all the interested clients are up-to-date and your email gets conveyed as quickly as possible. Hope these articles will help you in complete switching without any surprises for your performance and own pressure levels. E-mail marketing is the tool that can help you nurture the leads in the best possible manner and generate leads that will give a boost to your business. Apart from this, you also need to make sure you do a competitive analysis of all the available e-mail service providers. Pricing is also a deciding factor when you are looking for an e-mail service provider. You do not want to procure a service that has unrealistic pricing strategy as, by this process, you may get leads but will not be able to get profit out of them. Choose your e-mail marketing service provider carefully as the success of your business depends on it.