Perfection till the Last Turn: The Bolt Tightening Machine

There is a saying which goes by like this, ‘devil is in the details’. And it is quite right too. With the growing complication of equipment’s of our daily lives, it becomes necessary to ensure that the small parts work correctly. Imagine the fallout that would occur if the wheels of an aircraft were to come off during its landing, or if a battle tank develops a flaw while in action. There can be mentioned numerous instances where the whole machinery broke down because of an imperfectly bolted screw. The mechanics of an intricate instrument depends not only on ensuring it is used properly but on the fine tuning or its components as well. There are tools like the bolt tightening machine that allow us to ensure proper functioning of equipment’s.

Come again?

You might be wondering what I am talking about here, allow me to demonstrate by putting forth a few examples:

  • Application in vehicles: From Formula 1 racing to our cars that we use daily, all vehicles use bots to fix the wheel. An improperly screwed bolt can cause imbalance in the vehicle, meaning that it might start swaying towards one side more. It is here that bolt tightening calculations come into play. It allows the mechanic to perform wheel balancing on the vehicle. It ensures all tires move in tandem with each other.
  • Delicate machinery: Surgical equipment’s are minute and intricate. They are also fragile, an over tightened screw can break them down. It would be detrimental if this were to happen during an operation. The firms that manufacture such tools use specially made calibrators to ensure that each bolt is turned exactly as many number of times as it is required to. Sometimes, these are managed by counting the number of ridges that each one of them has passed.
  • Heavy equipment’s: Back to army applications. Fighter jets, battle tanks, armored vehicles, a complex weapon, the list goes on. It is important that their equipment’s do not fail them in heat of battle, for they are the country’s line of defense. Propellers and mortar guns work on the principle of the turn of screw (to adjust the angle and distance to be covered). Hence, their calculations need to be precise to the point.

One by one they go:

Engineering has devoted an entire field to mechanics. The importance of various parts fitting together perfectly has already been made evident. Apart from those mentioned above, there are some factors like friction, efficiency and heat generation that depend on bolting too. In industries, after a product is past the stage of production, it is subjected to various quality and performance checks. The aim of these rigorous measures is to ensure that it does not break down in the middle of operation. Manufacturers go through all this all this trouble to make sure that all parts fit in together perfectly. If it fails this check, it is either rejected or sent back.