Natural Ways to Improve Blood Circulation

The continuous movement of blood throughout the body is called blood circulation. This circulation is possible due to the pumping of the heart. The red blood cells are the specific cell that carries the oxygen to all of the organs of the body. Due to a series of tubes the constant blood flow takes places. These tubes are called blood vessels.

If someone hands or fingers are blue or always cold? Or some parts of the body being to feel numb or tingle after sitting or standing for a duration of time? These all happen when the blood circulation is disrupted. Although the blood flow usually goes back to normal after some movement, it might lead to complications and health issues in a few cases. Hence it is important to tackle these issue. Effective blood circulation can cause many medical condition bp, thyroid, diabetes, type of hearing disorders anemia and many more.


Poor blood circulation:-

The circulatory system, also known as the cardiovascular system, is responsible for the transport of blood, oxygen, and nutrients throughout the body. When blood flow to specific parts of person’s body is reduced, that person starts to experience the symptoms of poor blood circulation.


What are the causes of poor blood circulation:-

  • Peripheral Artery Disease is a situation that can affect blood circulation in legs.
  • Nerve disorder, thyroid disease, diabetes and anemia, such type of medical disease can affect the health.
  • Pregnancy can affect blood circulation.
  • Smoking and drinking can influence blood circulation.
  • Sitting for a long period of time at work can affect blood circulation.


Some of the food that can increase blood circulation in the body:-

  • Blackberries
  • Nuts
  • Garlic
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Ginkgo biloba
  • Ginger
  • Watermelon
  • Citrus fruits


How to improve blood circulation in the body:-

1.Exercise- physical exercise will improve the blood circulation and make feel better in general. Any physical activity that gets the heart pumping more blood is more good.

20 min daily exercise can improve blood circulation that reduces the risk of           heart disease. This will also help to control weight, reduce cholesterol and   manage stress.

  1. Massage:- Massage can help reduce muscle inflammation and tension by increasing blood flow to the body. Massage boosts blood flow and can help to alleviate lower back pain. The effect of rubbing the skin increase skin temperature and enhanced blood flow to the massaged area.


3.Eat a healthy diet:- Eating a healthy diet will not just improve the immune system, but it will also boost vascular health. A healthy diet contains plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grain, lean proteins and healthy fats. The British journal of Clinical Pharmacology published a study on the effect of green leafy vegetables on blood circulation. The researchers found that nitrates in vegetables help to improve blood flow and boost plasma nitrate levels.

 Blood circulation can be improved by eating the fresh fruits:

  • Oranges and other fruits which provides vitamin c can improve blood circulation.
  • Watermelon is another fruit that contains lycopene which improves blood.


  1. Drink Plenty of Water:-One of the negative effect of dehydration is a reduction in blood flow. Drink too much water to improve the blood circulation. As we know water is the very large amount of our body. Our organs need to stay hydrated to function at their maximal levels.
  2. Stay Warm in the Winter:-

During winter our extremities, particularly toes and fingers, often get cold. This often takes place because the cold that can be the causes the vessels to contract the blood.


  1. Green Tea:-

Green tea is helpful in improving the blood circulation. It contains many of the antioxidants that protect our vascular system. Regular drinking green tea has been found to have a preventative effect on cardiac problems developing.

  1. Dark Chocolate:-

Dark chocolate improves the blood circulation. It contains cocoa that is helpful in improving blood circulation. The antioxidant properties of dark chocolate may help to give circulation a boost.

  1. Limit Salt Consumption:-

To help blood flow through the body and increase circulation, we should limit salt in our diet. Too much salt effects on the blood circulation. This helps to regulate blood flow properly and improves the health of blood vessels. It increases the blood pressure. There are many types of foods that have a high level of sodium

  1. Use Hydrotherapy:-

The use of both hot and cold showers can aid in improving blood circulation.Using hot water on your body can help to improve circulation, increase blood flow, and release tense muscles. Taking a warm bath with some essential oils can help to relax and allow oxygens to flow better through the body.

  1. Manage Stress:-

There are so many activities that can manage stress. Laughing helps in reducing the stress. It also provides the relief for muscles.

  1. Reduce Alcohol Consumption:-

To keep blood circulation operating normally, you should reduce the amount of alcohol consumption. One glass of red wine can have a positive effect on the blood vessels and heart. After two drink blood flow continued to increase, and the blood vessels can’t expand and this causes high blood pressure and an increased risk of developing heart disease.

  1. Rebounding Therapies:-

Rebounding therapies improves the blood circulation. These therapies include activities such as jumping on a trampoline.