McDonald’s Rice Bowl: What’s So Great About Them

in a big way and introduced salads. Many marketing experts raised their brows over the apparent unnecessary move. However, to diversify their offerings they did go ahead with their plan & we had such healthy options on board. Now coming back to the point of satisfaction they have come up with the introduction of Rice in their menu. It is a known fact that many Indian families savor Rice in their day to day consumption. To some people having rice in a meal brings the sense of satisfaction. For now,use McDonaldcoupons and get discount which started the offering of rice bowl in India’s west & south region.

It’s Green: – Adding rice to their menu had an important aspect which is having green on the plate. They are made up of maliciousness curry with healthy beans on them. Having an option of plain Veg with rice add to the agenda perfectly. Fresh & wholesome veggies make the dish healthier.

It’s Yummy: – Those who love to have chicken will have almost par perfect combination on their plate. A twist of cheese will give a kick to your taste buds instantly. Curry has a perfect balance of spice & taste. A variation of nuggets & strips is also at your disposal. Rice obviously have its own aroma & flavor & pairing up the same with the rich gravy loaded with spice & veggies gets even more brownie points from the consumer.

It’s Filling: – We have many people around for whom consuming rice or roti on daily basis has a validation of having food. We Indian have always loved rice from the bottom of our hearts. To some rice is like the final touch of brush to complete a masterpiece. Here McDonald has aced the game by combining rice with veggies, beans & chicken. In the hour of extreme craving of a wholesome meal, these rice bowls can come to your rescue. Adding cheese has done the work of wonders for those who love the food.

McDonald has been sensitive towards the appetite, choice & sentiments Indian People have for their food. Their super hit burgers have already ruled the choice list of many Indian families. With Nan & Rice on the menu, they have almost completed the loop of Indian cuisine pattern.

They have invented these yummy rice dishes with tasty herbed rice & two exhilarating flavors of rich gravy namely cheesy & spicy. Tasty gravy loaded with fresh veggies makes it a food of your choice.

MacDonald in India has always delivered strong output on their platforms. Their ongoing journey with consistency in innovation has brought them on the front line of the food business game.  Their vision has been to be a favorite place to meet & eat from inception. Also offering convenience, local taste along with modern experience has been their key strategy.

McDonald has figured out the consumer patter in India. Young & modern generation is striving for not just experiencing familiar taste but also have a feel of glocal(global+local) variety. MacDonald is aware of the minimal reach of western fast food in Indian Food Industry viz a viz the regional dishes. Hence, to expand their product offering Rice can be a game changer.

Making food more relevant to the Indian Market & also to bring innovation they have Introduced Rice with awesome taste variations. Here they have also tried to bring convenience to eat at the forefront for modern on the go eaters.

Spicy Rice Bowl Chicken McNuggetsCheesy Rice Bowl Chicken McNuggets

Spicy Rive Bowl Chicken StripsCheesy Rice Bowl Chicken Strips

Spicy Rice Bowl VegCheesy Spicy Rice Bowl Veg

Since 1996 McDonald has been ruling in Indian Families hearts. Their entry strategy was quite flexible & innovative. Their willingness to localize made them a choice of every household. They have also refrained from having beef or pork in their menu keeping the local religious values in mind. They changed the perception of India Food consumer in a big way with the introduction of Burger as a meal. They have been successful in providing good taste with value in their menu over these decades. They have been able to acquire almost 320 million customers across the country. Mostly young adults in India dominate the consumer base for them. From ingredient supply to kitchen appliances they have shown a keen interest in localizing the venture in India.

MacDonald has kept in focus the taste, localization & convenience for their customers, having these rice bowls in the office cafeteria or on your house couch will have no difference in the comfort of eating. The consumer can redeem their Macdonald Coupons to relish their tasty offerings. Certainly, the modern families would savor the new offering they have & make their mealtime more interesting.

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