How to Take Care of Your old Printer and Keep Your Printing Business Going as Usual?

A printer is a useful machine which is used in different companies, government organizations, legal firms, etc, to print numerous documents on a daily basis. An average printer works very well for almost 5 years. After that, it may continue to work, but its efficiency is affected badly. If you are running a business which is dependent on printing papers on a daily basis, then it will not be possible for you to go for a comprehensive overhaul.

Always keep in mind that even with a little knowledge of printer, you can easily take care of old printers and keep your printing business as usual. Just follow the below mentioned tips to keep your old printer in good working order:

  1. Safety

In order to prolong the life of your printers, you need to handle it with care in day-to-day operations. Keep your printer at a dry place and away from kids. Before using the printer, take care of Ink cartridges. They must be filled carefully to get the excellent printing of papers. Turn off the power and keep your hands away from hot thermocouples when you open the printer for diagnosis or maintenance and move its inside parts. This will help you to minimize the damage caused to the printer.

  1. Clean Your Printer Regularly

On several occasions, while printing documents, you must have noticed that the prints come out of the printer with white stripes although the ink in the cartridges is enough. In most of the cases, it happens because of the print head is clogged and that needs to be cleaned ASAP.

Just go through the instructions that come with the printer or available on the manufacturer’s website about how to clean the printer head in your particular model. There are many printers that come with the self-clean system automatically. Just press a few taps of special buttons and your printer becomes clean. A clean printer works properly for a long period of time.

  1. Remove Dust and Debris

Always keep in mind that the accumulation of dust and other contaminants inside the printer can lead to paper jam and staining during printing. Eliminate this problem quickly using a small vacuum cleaner.

Most people prefer this cleaning method to remove dirt with a normal cloth. It is because it just removes dust and doesn’t spread it inside the printer. You can clean the cartridges with a cotton swab dipped in water. But, before doing so, just read the instructions given by the printer manufacturing company. There are some parts of the cartridge that should not come in contact with water.

  1. Paper Jam

Just like any other technical equipment, the printer will be more durable if you use it correctly as prescribed by the company. Always remember that the wrong solution to the paper jam problem can lead to printer problems in the future. Instead of solving the paper jam problem alone, find a printer expert who can solve each and every problem of your printer and correct everything. As a rule, in order to pull the jammed paper, slowly pull the edge with both hands and make sure that this action does not break and leave its parts inside the machine.

  1. Regular Maintenance Performed by Professionals

If you have a budget to spend money to extend the life of the printer, you can order a special kit for service from the printer manufacturer. Such kits include different products – from cleansers to some components and help you a lot in the maintenance of printers.

Final Words

All entrepreneurs who are involved in the printing business can understand the importance of printers. They can use the above-mentioned suggestions to take care of their old printers and keep their business going as usual.