How to Buy a Washing Machine

Your spouse has had enough of washing the clothes by her hand on the weekends and has pestered you for a long time to buy a washing machine. You say Yes, but when it comes to buying a model, there are so many models in the market and on the net. As per an estimate, there are nearly 150 various washing machine model brands in the world today. This article includes all the standard brands and models from top loading to front loading. Oh yes! We also forgot to include those models that are manufactured by local regional companies, and are the favorite of low budget users.

Usually, what do you do? You have the normal answer – you have a budget, search the internet, search for the best model in accordance to the cash you have and buy the model. Then you hope for the best and only best. But in recent times, you find lots of differences between models of the same brand and different brands when it comes to features. It varies from washers, built-in sinks, two cleaning tubs. However, this article can help you choose the best model.

  1. Front Load and Top Loading

Yes, it is easy to distinguish. Front loaders – you load the clothes from the front and for the top loaders, there is no explanation. But there are differences. May be the points mentioned below can help you buy the model of your requirement.

  1. Will the model fit to your home?

The majority of washing machine models, be it front loading or top loading they are nearly 27 to 28 inches in width and have a height of 30 to 35 inches height. Ensure that the place in your kitchen fits the washing machine. Also, do not keep the washing machine attached to the wall nor do you keep in association with other appliances. The reason, if it vibrates, then the wall may get damaged or the adjoining appliance may get scratches.

So before making a beeline for the washing machine as per the splendour, check if your kitchen or living room has the space.

  1. Drum Size

After all, why do you buy the washing machine? To wash clothes, right. So other than the external dimensions of the washing machine, also pay attention to the drum size of the washing machine. They usually come in sizes of five to seven kg load. So first check the size of your family and then buy the appliance.

For your spouse and other housewives, the drum size does not matter. It is the number of clothes. For them a load is concerned with the complete washing schedule for a week. It comprises of bath towels, every day clothes for the whole family for a week. In similar cases, then a medium sized washing machine to the tune of eight load will suffice.

  1. Price

Now this is the most important part for a family other than the features of a washing machine. There are some families who have a washing machine in their house because all their relatives have one. But please note, there will be a difference between top loading and front loading models. Usually, the difference will range from few hundreds to two thousand rupees.

  1. Performance

There are dozens of washing machines all over the market. It is a long way down the lane and the article will be filled with thousands of words about features. So, let us look only at the prime factors. You need a washing machine to wash clothes. The stains should be removed and the clothes should look clean. So, as per home improvement experts, the top load washers are considered less efficient as they need more water during the cleaning process when compared to their counterparts. But beware, the front load will take more time to clean the load.

  1. Features

Every model has the same basic features. The control panels also look the same. You have a normal cycle and the other cycles (special) needs a mention. In other words, you can adjust spin, temperature and soil setting.

  1. Auto Dispense –

When you decide to start a cycle, this feature will inform the requirement amount of soap. It will pull from the reservoir, but save the other amount for the next cycles.

  1. Apps

Mobiles have become smart, so the next addition will be home appliances. In fact, even washing machines have smart features. So, you have smart washing machines with apps. Through the app, you can begin, pause or stop a washing cycle. You can also view the status of the process via the phone. There are washing machines which gives you alerts in the form of LED flash when the process gets over.

  1. Future Of Laundry

To be honest, the laundry industry is becoming an exciting place. There are models which come with apps, sinks, secondary washers etc. You can also control the appliance via the voice program called as Alexa.


So, before you start making the plans to go to a shop to purchase the washing machine, kindly ponder over these points. The appliance does not come cheap. You have to invest a few thousand. So don’t you think it is better to purchase a model which can cater to the requirements in your home? Then it will serve its purpose. And also, you have to make the appliance work as per the instructions given by the manufacturer. In case, the maintenance is not proper, then the appliance will malfunction and its lifespan will be reduced. So, shall we imagine a situation? Let us imagine you are in Hyderabad and have purchased a washing machine. Even after all the maintenance, your appliance malfunctioned. So what will you do next? It is very easy nowadays to get a electronic appliance repaired easily. There are home maintenance companies which provide doorstep services of handyman professionals. You can hire the best technician for washing machine repair in Hyderabad with these companies. So, all you have to do is to download the app, and book a service as per the requirement. You will get a call before the scheduled time to confirm the booking and the requirement. On the scheduled day, the professional will come and restore the service back to normal