Apps that are breaking the Internet

Want to more out your phone?

Want to make your life better using your handy computer?

Want to convert your bad habit (addiction to screens) to a major advantage?
Then you have come to the right place. Here’s a list of great unheard android apps that will make you notice the difference. Let’s begin

#1. Duolingo

This free android app lets you learn new major languages with its bite-sized lessons, all of which feel like a game. You lose a life for every mistake you make and gain points for completing each lesson.

Independent studies are all in their favor and even compare them to college courses.

So learn Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and many more languages all while you are waiting in a line, on a commute or just chilling at your place.
This app teaches you to speak listen write and read the other language. New languages are added over time.

#2. Google opinion rewards

Has your opinion ever mattered?
Well, it will now. The works are simple, you get to do surveys, and you get paid for them, crystal. You get paid in the form of google credits which you let you buy books, music, games, apps, movies and subscribe to stuff you like.
All in exchange for your opinion. It literally can’t get any easier than this surveys include stuff like your general stand on topics or simple reviews of places you visit.

Each survey can get you up to $1 of google credits. That’s $20 an hour for almost nothing. Need I say anything else? What’s more is that you can get to the other side and post your own surveys and get their results and analytics.

#3. Spendee

If you are reading this (which you are) then you are probably a millennial.
What’s the biggest problem for millennials? Managing money of course. Thankfully a solution exists.

Spendee -the app automatically synchronizes with your bank account and thus monitors all your spendings and categorizes all of them in categories that you have made on a personalized basis.

This is shown to you by clear and vivid graphs so you know wherever the money goes and decide what to do it.

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There are shared wallets that let your family know about your progress (only if you want to, that is XD). The real-time sync feature makes sure all your devices are up to date on your finances.

Obviously, all currencies are supported. You can plan budgets so that you spend accordingly (and hopefully save some too). Just in case you were wondering, your money is safe. a report of all your expenses can be extracted as a spreadsheet in major formats. Knowing the battlefield is winning half the battle.

#4. Secret Escapes

This one is one level beyond those half passed travel apps that compare hotel prices.This one guarantees the exclusive and lowest prices on its hand-picked hotels. If the hotel is on its list that means it is good, no checks required.

Up to 60% off on prices with some perks like a free bottle of bubbly or a massage. The features this app has are unique too. It lets you book in weeks or months in advance, also, their service is all about flash sales so they always have a plenty of them.

You can hold a date meaning you lock a date for only you to buy for a minimal fee (they call it holding). It’s different than reservation. It’s just temporary reservation to reserve the place you like. You can book just a hotel or a complete holiday package.

They don’t take all the money upfront, rather take it in installments to make the offer more accessible to everyone. They also feature a list of lowest prices on places over the web (which they call the web’s best). Obviously, you can make wish list and have associated functionality.

Their smart-stays feature is my personal favorite, in this feature, they show you ultra-affordable yet praiseworthy sites with their exclusive lowest on the market rates. These sites are meant to be far away in general. They even have a reference and earn feature which gives you money if someone uses the service after you referring to them and the reward rises with the number of people accepting the referral.

You also get a reward for each purchase your friends make. By the way- when they say they actually mean it – quality is never compromised here. Only email id is required for sign up. Best of the places at the lowest of the prices.

#5. Skiplagged

This app literally uses loopholes in the way they operate to get you the cheapest flights. It has also started its hotel section where they do a similar thing as secret escapes but they don’t compete since secret escapes focus more on the luxury hotel at economic price aspect.

It is so good that united airlines actually tried to sue them but it got out unharmed. This makes Expedia look really old school. Cheapest flights for sure and also this can be your second choice to look at hotels. Holidays, expensive no more.

#6. Wolfram Alpha

Practically speaking there are only a few reliable places to look on the web for answers viz search engines, forums, online encyclopedia. That boils it down to google (obviously), YouTube and reddit.

Google gives you the links to websites that might have the answer and looking it up is your task. Reddit is even more tedious since all the opinions of people can be confusing (though it might provide great insights at times) and I am sure you don’t want to spend your time and data on videos of YouTube unless the answer is quite elaborate (and entertaining.

Wolfram alpha is what you get when you eliminate these loopholes. It is an answer engine. It tells you the answer based on well-established facts and even graphical representation of related data.

This engine also solves math!! So if your answer is fact based (most are) and well recorded than this place has it in the most comprehensible way you will ever get it. So yes, it might not be that good with ancient history since not much of it was recorded or top secrets but other than that it is the place to go and ask. Even Siri, Microsoft Bing and Alexa use its services. This is the modern-day mister know it all.

#7. Runpee
It tells you when in the movie there is a very uneventful scene so that you can run and pee. funny, useful.

#8. Tasker

Love your phone’s functionality but interacting with it manually for every time, for every task gets you annoyed?
Well, smartwatches tried to address that issue but their functionality is limited they cost money, a lot of it. So here’s your answer, an app that automates stuff.
Though that what it does but essentially it is an app that makes you make tiny apps (applets if you will) without any coding. These applets automate things taking various modes of input such as gestures, time, date, activity etc.
Do you realize how much time you could save by not holding your phone and falling for those notifications or social media apps?
The catch – this one has a steep learning curve but consider it a investment to a better life and some bragging rights in front of your friends.

#9. Twilight

It is the next step to blue light filters. So as you must already knowing, blue light doesn’t let you sleep in the night. So blue light is reduced, but that what all blue light filters do.

What this one does is that it synchronizes your screen with the sun cycle. So you get the right amount of filtration and no annoyance. You can tweak it too. It’s pretty much like f.lux which comes for PCs.
#10. Camscanner

Scanner, anywhere, makes sense?

A must-have for students, technical professionals and businesspeople. It converts your phone to a scanner. Converts the .jpeg to .pdf, reads the text from the image, auto-enhances the image, removes the background, auto formats supports multiple languages, syncs to different devices, print it wirelessly and fax it anywhere, make a copy of you card.
It even lets you collaborate with other people to make a joint document. This is how you share notes before exams.

#11. Wakie

This is the place if one is not looking for hookups, not tinder. Post a topic, some person looking into the same topic finds you and calls you (or vice-versa).
Call or online chat, your choice (with a like minded stranger). All conversations last 20 min max. Want to make a new friend? Need some fair judgment or advice? The community is friendly, not toxic (the fingers are pointing towards you , DOTA players). Its free, its fun. Its small talk the way its meant to be done in the 21st century.

#12. Habitica

Gamify your life!! That’s what it does. Your life is now an RPG and you are the protagonist (obviously), your chores and goals are symbolically the monsters to be defeated. You get rewards for productive stuff, deductions otherwise.

You get to level up and get new gear and tyhe best part is that this app uses those same psychological principals using which the other apps and many other advertising firms try to attract and retain you.

Like its reward system. It’s the first time that has been used to good use. Use it to engage yourself in fitness, studies or anything for that matter that you wanted to do. Eventually developing a habit and hopefully winning this game called life. There’s this group option too which features joint quests, controls and approvals effectively converting it to a team management app (or family stuff I guess).
They take things further by having browser extensions. An alternate meaning to mixed reality.

These are some of the apps that most of the people never heard or read about, you can download them by the link that we already provided in our article, if you think we miss some apps that we miss than you can comment below to inform us. If you have any doubts related to this article then you can also comment below your doubt, we definitely help you.