(10+1) Steps to Build a Rocking Visual Brand Identity

Visual brand identity is one of the most important part of the process when it comes to branding. It is the organized look of your company, representing it through the name, logo, colors, typography, design, and other features. The business leaders believe that brand identity is more than the visual and physical elements of the organization. It is also the feelings audience get when cooperating with your products and services, marketing features, physical locations, as well as the marketing materials.In the modern world, you need to take a number of chances to stand out from the crowd of organizations. The following steps will help your company to stand strong and build a strong visual brand identity, whether you are refreshing your old brand identity or building a new one.

1.Identify your audience

The first step to build a successful brand identity is to identify the audience. When you identify the audience, you’ll know who your audience are and how to talk to them. It will make every part of branding easier.

To identify the audience, you can ask yourself a number of questions, like what is the gender, age, income, education level, and job description of them? You need to know their personality, lifestyle, values, hobbies and interests.When you get answer to these questions, then focus on their day to day concerns, and what can be the solutions to them. This way, you’ll get to know the clear picture of your audience, and further decide the language, terms, and tone you should use in the visual identity of your brand that perfectly connects to audience.

2.Make your mission clear

You need to ask yourself several questions to get a clear picture of your mission behind selling any product or service. Your customers should know why do you provide those products and services, what do you hope to change for them, why are you better than other brands, what better outcomes your services can bring to them, and what do you stand for.

3.Visualize brand personality

It’s really a challenge for companies to express their personality without meeting the customers face to face. To overcome the challenge, ask yourself if you could have any person to be the spokesperson for your brand, who and why would it be. From here, you can write a description of your brand personality, and plan the visualization accordingly. Every brand uses words to showcase their personality, but it is not enough. You need to use visual references that can add tone to your words.

4.Infusing emotions into brand

It’s important what your audience feel when they see your brand online and the marketing materials. The emotions leave a long lasting memorable image of your brand in their mind. So, try to infuse emotions into your brand identity.


59% of senior executives will prefer to watch a video than read text, said Forbes Insight research. Videos are entertaining, and grab the attention of more customers than the blogs. That’s why YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. You can post a link with the video, so that customers can click it for additional information.
So, if you are indulged in a confusing and inconsistent brand identity, now is the time to make a change and build a rocking visual brand identity.

6. Tell story through images

When you upload any images to promote your brand, it should tell a story to the audience. Craft a perfect story and tell them again and again using new pictures.

7.Logo creation

Th logo of your brand should be unique and simple, that complements the message of your brand. A logo is important because it reveals your identity, distinguishes you from others, and facilitates brand loyalty. But again, there is more to a brand than just logo. So instead of hiring a full time designer, you can go with some online logo maker tools like Canva where you can create logo from the several logo templates provided for free.

8.Keep it simple

At times, when you have a lot of things running in your mind, you make the things complicated for your audience. A lot of content, symbols and images may confuse them. So, remove irrelevant or unexciting things that don’t contribute to the identity of your brand.

9.Right colors and fonts

When using any color or font online, make sure that match the personality and emotion of your brand. Fonts convey the tone you want to use with audience. Colors impacts the audience psychologically. For example, blue shows that you are trustable, red and orange are passionate, green is eco-friendly, etc.

10.Branding on social media

When talking about visual brand identity, social media plays a key role. You need to be human to your audience on social media platforms. When you update something on Facebook, make sure to update it on other platforms as well. Be consistent not only with the posts, but also with the filters and fonts you use.

11.Interact with audience

Social media platforms are the best way to interact with audience. You can organize some contest to drive engagement of the customers. This will also help you to gain more customers and get feedback about your products from the existing ones.

Author bio: Prince Kapoor is Independent Marketing Analyst and Blogger. While not working, you can find him in gym or giving random health advises to his colleagues which no one agrees on :D. If you too want some of his advises (on health or on marketing), reach him out at @imprincekapur

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